Parody CDs


Robert Lund & his Special Interest Groupies sing hits which became featured on Dr. Demento’s “Funny 5” and “Top 25 of the Year.”  This CD came out awhile ago, but there are relevant songs like:

Iraq and Iran – parody of “Jack and Diane”
     Little ditty 'bout Iraq and Iran, Two wacky nations full of oil and sand.
     Iraq's got no leader and no movie stars, Iran's got camels and three or four cars.

Capitol Hill – parody of “Beverly Hills”

     The USA's feeling not so great, The partisan fights are a bunch of crap,
     The Middle East is a little wack, And approval ratings are minus three.
     But here's how you can fix this mess: Make me P.O.T.U.S.
     Hey special interest groupies, come And make donations to my partay.
     Capitol Hill! That's where I want to be!
     Please elect me! Please elect me! Rulin' on Capitol Hill.

(Hey IRS) Kiss This – parody of “This Kiss”
     It's the way you mug me, It's unspeakable pain, It's a personal washout, Down a bottomless drain, It's abhorrently taxing, It's uhhnn believable.
     Kiss this! Kiss this! Hey IRS.  Kiss this! Kiss this!

Also includes Chelsea’s Mom (parody of “Stacy’s Mom”), You Are So Liberal (parody of “You Are So Beautiful”), Iranian Uranium (parody of “Marian the Librarian”), and nine others that will have you laughing your ticked-offness.

You could pay more in stores and other places on the internet, but here you only pay $5.


Take yourself back to a gentler time, when the worse thing the President did to the country was embarrass it or sell a few secrets to our enemies.  Go back to a time where rodeo clowns ran free, and interns and cigars were in fashion.  Robert Lund & the Interns sing favorites like:

I’m Just a Big Fat Liar – parody of We Didn’t Start the Fire

Make It Sleazy – parody of “Take It Easy”

Oval Office Ride – parody of “Magic Carpet Ride”

Took the Intern Home – parody of “Took the Long Way Home”

Have a Fling and Lie – parody of “Fly”

Also includes Eve of Obstruction, The Lady Is a Tramp, and others; 18 songs altogether. 

Sold in stores for $18 or more, now a collector’s item on some sites selling for more than $25; you can have it, while supplies last for just $5.

BILL CLINTON’S BIGGEST HITS Vol. 2 . . . Stained Legacy

This CD along with Vol. 1 outsold Capitol Steps in Washington DC back in the day (and we are really proud of that, because we love Capitol Steps).  Stores like America! couldn’t keep it in stock.  Robert Lund & the Interns sing more hits, sounding just like the original artists, including:

Talk Like a Politian – parody of “Walk like an Egyptian”

Porn in the USA – parody of “Born in the USA”

Impeachable Things – parody of “My Favorite Things”

Goin’ Down Like the Titanic – parody of the “Theme from Titanic”

Addicted to Bill– parody of “Addicted to Love”

Also includes Simply Inappropriate, Teeny Weeny Tape Recorder, I Only have Ties for You, and others; 20 songs altogether on this CD.

Sold in stores for $18 or more, also a collector’s item, you get it, while supplies last for just $5.

LET’S PARODY LIKE IT’S 1999 (Clinton’s Biggest Hits Vol. 3)

This was our farewell CD to the funniest, over-sexiest, President in modern times.  In addition we tackled other subjects the concerned us at the turn of the century, like Y2K, the Olympic Scandal in Salt Lake City, and more.  Robert Lund & the Artists Formerly Known as Interns sing even more hits sounding like the original artists, including:

Bye-Bye Mr. President Guy – parody of “Bye-Bye Miss American Pie”

Livin’ with Master Yoda – parody of “Livin’ la Vida Loca”

Could Bribe Nations – parody of “Good Vibrations”

Y2K – parody of “Yesterday”

Wife of a Big Name – parody of “Life in the Fast Lane”

Also includes Give War a ChanceKosovo, It’s Al’s Party, and others; 21 songs altogether on this CD.

Sold in stores for $18 or more, also a collector’s item, you get it, while supplies last for just $5.