Made in the USA: The Game

If you are looking for a great "stocking stuffer" Made in the USA is for you and your stockings. It contains two decks of cards, one deck is like a regular deck of cards -- only with Stars, Shields, Liberty Bells, and Eagles so you can play any game you want only with patriotic twists to it. The other deck contains special "Changes in the Wind" cards which change the game each time a player changes suits, and "Events" cards that you add to the original deck to play the unique "Made in the USA" game.

Players create four connecting lines of suits, and can play as many cards that connect sequentially or matching numerical values as they like in a turn.  If they change suits during that turn they also draw a "Changes in the Wind" card and follow the instructions.  At the beginning of each turn the player has the option of playing on the connecting lines as described above OR playing one "Events" card.  The player cannot do both on the same turn.

Be the first player to get rid of all the cards in your hand and you score zero points for that round, all others add up the points in their hands.  When one player totals 500 or more points the game is over.

This game really is made in the USA.  It consists of 110 playing cards, including 67 USA Cards, 42 Changes in the Wind Cards, and one Old Glory Line Marker.  It contains no computer chips, requires no batteries and can be played just about anywhere.  It is also perfect for picnics, waiting to watch fireworks, or just family fun at the kitchen table. 
Made in the USA photo MADEINTHEUSA_zps86e81565.jpg

Ages 7 and up. 2 to 10 players (works best with 3 to 8 players).  Cost is just $10.  

IN YOUR FACE!: The Ultimate Revenge 

Fast-paced card game for 2 to 8 players. 

All you have to do is get rid of all your cars.  Sound simple?  IN YOUR FACE! has action-provoking Wild Cards.  But choose your victims carefully – you never know which players have the powerful IN YOUR FACE! cards that turn the tables and allow the one being dumped upon to become the one doing the dumping.

“It’s like UNO on steroids.”

“You don’t know which way the game is going to turn.  You’re never out of it . . . and you’re never a cinch to win either.”

Limited supplies of this version left.  The copies of this game contain a video (that’s right VHS) to get you in the mood to play the game and the video also has the rules explained on it.  It really is “Old School” fun. A rules sheet is also included in the game. 

Sold in stores for $19.95, you can get them while supplies last for $15.  Sorry, we are sold out, but look for the games here again for just $15 later in 2017.